By Land and Air

A Hollywood Stuntman Finds His Zen Through Golf

By Michael WilliamsSeptember 17, 2021In Partnership with Loro Piana

Riley Harper is a real life candidate for the world’s most interesting man. He grew up the son of a Hollywood stuntman flying through the air on dirt bikes, riding motor cycles or racing basically anything with an engine. Eventually he took up the family business and became a stuntman himself. How does one get the job of stuntman you ask? “You’re born into it.” He says. Fair enough. In partnership with Loro Piana we wanted to learn more about Riley's life in Hollywood and his love of golf. 

Everyone on Instagram seems like they are trying to create the illusion of a perfect life, but Riley seems to actually be living it. When he’s not on location performing stunts on camera, he’s living a stylish life in the Santa Monica mountains — with adventures near the Pacific in Malibu and also out at the golf course. “I love to get out here and sneak-in 9 holes of golf at twilight.” He told me between shots at Rustic Canyon, the beloved course North of Los Angeles. “When I’m not shooting a movie, this is one of the ways I escape and find some solitude.” He says. Riley’s style exudes an easy going California sensibility that’s simple yet effective. 

On its face, Golf is an unlikely pairing for Riley. Growing up in Southern California it was never something he considered. Then on an off day while shooting in Atlanta some friends from work invited him along. After that day he was hooked and the game serves as a nice break from his adrenaline-filled professional life.

It's easy to see how Riley brings his laidback style to the golf course. It feels like a studied effortlessness that so many of us aspire to. The goal is simple clothes which allow for ease of movement and transition nicely into his everyday life. 

We spent a morning together walking, playing golf and talking about the things that move us. Movies, style, cars, watches, life and of course golf. When you meet Riley all of these things intersect nicely. He's passionate about work and life, but humble too. 

The discovery of golf for Riley was somewhat of an accident. He's never had a lesson but got hooked on the game like so many of us — he just loved the feeling of hitting the ball. That experience and spirt is what keeps so many of us coming back. In a way, the peacefulness of the game helps to provide a calming balance to his life. 

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