Summer Solstice at Inness

The Fliers Club x ACL

By Michael WilliamsMay 19, 2022Photos by Omar Rawlings

Together with my friends at The Fliers Club I'm excited to be co-hosting The Summer Solstice at Inness on June 20-22 and everyone is welcome.

To me, this is a perfect storm. The longest day of the year. As much golf as you could possibly want. Good people, a nice hotel and the stunning surroundings of Inness. This is the thing I've been most looking forward to this year and I’m excited to get to share it with you like minded people.

You may already know this, but there's a thing that happens on the summer solstice where people try and play as much golf as they can on the longest day of the year. It may require a few days off of work and a little group coordination, but it’s a unique and rewarding affair. In addition to all of the group golf programming I have helped to organize a little golf market on June 21st with some of our favorite brands like Holderness & BourneSolo GolfMacKenzieSentinel and a bunch of others.

The Fliers Club is one of my greatest discoveries in golf. I love everything about these guys and as a member and fan I was thrilled when they approached me to partner for this event. I trust these guys and wanted the opportunity to be able to get together with so many good people who see the game the way that I do. Plus, there's not much in golf I could recommend more highly than TFC. I'm excited to get the opportunity to partner with them for an event and I'll be at Inness for the entire few days and hope to get a chance to hang and play some golf with any of you who care to join.

There are a few spots left for those who may want to participate in the entire event, or you can come up for the day to just check-out the marketplace and hang. Basically, there’s a way for any and all to be involved. Accord is beautiful and it’s about a 2 hour drive from Manhattan.

The event info page is here to sign-up and the full schedule is below. Hope to see you there.