All Things Well Played

A Creative Approach to Golf

By Michael WilliamsSeptember 10, 2021In Partnership with Loro Piana

At a certain point the pull go golf becomes too great. Often it's not always when free time is abundant. It becomes obvious at those times that golf is an important escape even when time is at its absolutely minimum. This might be hard for non-golfers to understand, but those of us who love the game understand it completely. When you're like Andrew Haynes golf becomes an important escape from the pressures of work and fatherhood and he does it with exuberance and style. It helps him stay grounded in life and work. 

By his telling, Andrew stumbled into golf. He had his first brush with the game on a whim and was an easy convert. It didn't take long for his passion for golf to swell. As a creative translating his personal style to golf was an important part of the equation. The details matter. Feeling good can very directly related to playing well. It's obvious when speaking to Andrew that he just loves the opportunity to get out and have fun around golf. That can be on his makeshift putting green on his NYC balcony (which his son has currently taken over) or if he's just playing 9 with us at Inness in upstate New York.

The nice thing about golf, regardless of how you learned or when you started, is the shared kinship fellow golfers have. It doesn't matter if you are a 20 or a 2, if you started last month or as a toddler. Loving the game is enough, there's nothing else to prove. It makes the connections around golf easy and enjoyable. 

We all have different reasons and varied approaches to the game, but we all share the excitement of a good shot, that one perfect putt or the way the light looks on a golf course at the end of the day.

Golf is not always just about playing great. Often times it's just about feeling great and being out in nature. The importance of leisure is often under appreciated, but using golf to rebalance your mind helps you in all aspects of your life. It's nice to have a good score, but it's also nice to leave feeling better than when you came. 

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